Through sprl Scorex we guarantee you a complete, tailor-made service, the main goal of which is your satisfaction.

  • Advising you as you prepare your plans.
    Examining needs and answering your questions.
  • Searching for and making contacts with professionals who will participate in the projects.
    - Feasibility/viability study, design and budgeting of your projects.
    - Selection of participants.
  • Creation of a project dossier.
    Dossier containing quantity survey, terms and conditions, call for tenders, etc.
  • Design/Drawing
    Stability, Architecture, Special Techniques, Safety, Interior Design, etc.
  • Co-ordination of projects during implementation.
    Your project will be monitored by a Project Manager who will be focused on successfully performing his budget, planning and other tasks.
  • Safety co-ordination (Royal Decree of 25/0/2001 – Moniteur Belge of 07/02/2001).
    We can also perform this work, which is legally obligatory for most sites (design and implementation)
  • Administrative and technical monitoring of dossiers.
    Orders, progress reports, payment of invoices, etc.
  • Working together with all of the firms participating in the project.
    Complete co-ordination between all of the people/companies that will be involved in your project on some level
  • The regular holding of meetings to monitor progress made with your projects.
    If you so desire and depending on your availability, the Project Manager will be made available to you to hold a weekly meeting, the purpose of which will be to give you regular progress reports concerning your project.
  • And … a single contact person for the entire assignment.
    You know whom to contact!

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