Our missions

  • Study control and follow-up of building projects (i.e. North Galaxy real estate)
    (complex: approaches, envelope and fabric.)
  • Study of Evacuation Plans for various buildings throughout the Belgian territory
    (i.e. Corporate Village, Parc de l’Alliance, Pléiades, Marubeni,…)
  • Coordination of building and/or renovation site safety
    offices, shops, private dwellings,…

  • Audits for buildings intrusion security and access control
    evaluation and recommendations for improvements according to security level required with estimated budget.
  • Audits for building fire safety
    evaluation in accordance with current regulations (RGPT, AR,…) and assistance with decisions for upgrading to conformity.

Rue Moulin Saint-Lambert, 8 B-1457 NIL-SAINT-VINCENT Belgium
Tél: +32 10 65 19 80 / Fax: +32 10 65 90 81 / E-mail: etienne.huybens@scorex.be
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